Zehnder Comfo Q Air 350, 450 and 600 heat recovery ventilation units are manufactured in Germany and one of the quietest ventilation units on the market and are also Passive House certified.

Subheat design, supply, install and commission MVHR heat recovery ventilation systems throughout Yorkshire. We are a small family based business having installed MVHR sytems in many prestigious and award winning passive and eco-friendly projects over many years. 

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Zehnder ventilation systems
Lindab safe fittings are an ideal choice in domestic MVHR  ventilations instalations giving a lifetime service.
The ComfoConnect LAN C connects your home ventilation sytem to the internet which allows you check on its performance and schedule mainatainence, it also allows you to make changes remotely if required.
Semi-rigid ducting such as Zehnder comfotube provides a more cost effective alternative to traditional metal ducting.
Enthalpy energy recovery fiters replace the standard heat recovery filter and help provide and control humity levels in your home.

Subheat as always been about using the very best products and components and when it comes to ventilation this is important. Noise and underperforming ventilation systems is something we come across far too regularly as is the use of inappropriate duct materials and poor installation. This maybe down to costs or simply a lack of understanding or a pushy salesman, Subheat will only install a MVHR system that will give you many years of service.

Whilst we would always recommend a high quality heat recovery ventilation system utilising galvanised steel ducting designed to last a lifetime due to the design constraints this may not always be feasable, so other options maybe necessary such as the use of a radial ductwork using semi-rigid plastic duct. We will always endeavour to give you our honest recomendations for the best ventilation system to match your budget restraints without compromise on the ventilation system efficiency. 

Clean Air

Mechanical ventilation constantly draws in filtered air from the outside at a prescribed rate and extracts stale air.

Energy Saving

The exhausted air from the ventilation system is saved and recirculated back into the home and removed in warmer periods.


Damp air from wet areas is removed preventing mould, condenstion can be reutilised via a enthalpy energy recovery exchanger.


Cooling with a heat recovery system is achieveable via a ground pipe system or the use of a Comfocool which cools the fresh air input.