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Subheat have been installing and supplying underfloor heating for many years and have gained invaluable expertise and knowledge in the best installation practises and the different underfloor heating systems and the wide gap between high quality underfloor heating products available. Our German manufactured pipe comes with a 10 year disruption guarantee, so any problems the manfacturers would pay to have it put right, we supply a 5 layer metal composite pipe and for those on a tighter budget we are able to offer a 5 layer pex pipe.

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Retro installation of underfloor heating

A well designed warm water underfloor heating system will save you money. The reasons for this are many:

  • More than 50% is radiant heat; traditional radiators use convection
  • Lower air temperatures are realised because of radiant heat
  • Underfloor heating can and should be designed to use the lowest operating temperatures
  • Boiler life is extended and efficiency is increased due to low working temperatures
  • Can be used for room conditioning, which is cheaper than air-conditioning

What other points should I consider when choosing a underfloor heating system?

  • Where are the products manufactured?
  • What type of underfloor heating pipe is to be used?
  • What pipe spacings are used, are they the same throughout and why?
  • What operating temperature is the underfloor heating system designed to work at?
  • Has my floor construction been designed to help as a significant reduction in flow temperatures thereby reduce running costs?

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