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Installers of Heat recovery ventilation systems

Fresh air without heat loss with a wholehouse heat recovery ventilation system.

Wholehouse heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) systems deliver air that is both healthy for breathing and healthy for buildings, in that it helps to prevent fungal growth they also make a major contribution to savings. These systems retain up to 90 % of the energy conventionally lost by airing through opening windows. We can design, supply and install heat recovery ventilation systems.

Creating a healthy environment for your home. In a modern, well insulated building an automatic heat recovery ventilation system should be taken advantage of, ideally taking this into consideration in good time will help to facilitate the integration of ductwork. Early planning is essentail to help in the design of the ductwork in new buildings to make it as unobtrusive and ideally easier to install whether it is hidden in the insulation level between the the floor structures, walls or in the roof space.

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Ventilation ground pipe
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Wholehouse ventilation unit
MVHR wall grille

The benefits of automatic ventilation. Guidelines specify that interiors should be vented for at least 10 minutes 3 to 4 times each day. This venting should replace at least 50% of the interior air. If moisture collects in the interior, a slight temperature fluctuation is enough to raise its humidity level, it then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which flourishes when a humidity level of 80% exists for around three days.

Upto 90% of the heat is recovered by highly effective heat exchangers. Automatic ventilation systems offer particular benefits to those suffering from allergies. special filters can keep pollen and dust away from the interior, whilst the regular air changes reduce the proliferation of dust mites.

Increased Efficiency can be further increased with the use of a undersoil heat exchanger or rather a large intake pipe buried in the soil upstream of the air intake of the ventilation unit. The principle being that in the colder months the air intake takes advantage of pre-warming the air as it enters the ventilation unit such as the Reha Awaduct.

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