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Fresh air without heat loss with a wholehouse heat recovery ventilation system.

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) systems are designed to supply clean fresh filtered air and save the home owner money. Primarily mechanical ventilation systems are ideally suited for modern well insulated and airtight houses and far outweigh the disadvantages of cheaper alternatives.

In a modern, well insulated building an automatic heat recovery ventilation system should be taken advantage of, ideally taking this into consideration in good time will help to facilitate the integration of ductwork. Early planning is essential to help in the design of the ductwork in new buildings to make it as unobtrusive and ideally easier to install whether it is hidden in the insulation level between the the floor structures, walls or in the roof space.

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The benefits of automatic ventilation.

There are a great deal of benefits of a well designed ventilation system, the ventilation unit is constantly supplying fresh filtered air form the outside and circulating this air through the supply air valves, changing approximately 50% of the total air in the building each hour. Not having to have the doors and windows open has the benefits of allowing any airborne contaminents to be captured within the ventilation units filters as air is drawn in from the outside.

The supplied fresh air is drawn through out the interior rooms via the extract valves and the use air goes back through the ventilation unit to the outside of the building. The another main advantage of this system is as the air passes through the unit it poasses through a heat exchanger and this captures most of this energy and reintroduces it back into the new air entering the building. This is especially effective in the winter months when the heating is on and the windows are closed and can help you save money.

In the summer months things are different in that the heating maybe not on as much and saving energy not so much of a priority. Well insulated buildings are designed to not lose engy and sometimes this can lead to overheating, a mechanical ventilation uint can help with this as the temperture rises the unit monitors this increase and switches over the automatic bypass valve and so removes all the air and just brings in the air from the outside and help keep the building to a reasonable temperature.

In the summer months the incoming warm air if it was not filtered can be particularly hazardous for allergy suffers like hayfever os again having this constantly filtered iar is a big plus. Other health disadvantages of well insulated homes if a wholehouse ventilation syustem is not incorporated can be high levels of humidity and condensation, constant ventilation takes care of this to help keep a healthy enviroment.

This can be further increased to upgrading to higher levels of filtration and the introduction of a different type of air exchange unit if your humidity levels  are not within your preferred limits. Getting a balanced supply and extraction rate is very important, too high humidity and it can help spread bacteria and too low can cause discomfort.

I shall go into more detail these issues and other advantages of a well designed heat recovery system such as the subject of is it possible to cool your home with a ventilation system.

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